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  • Mehdi2016-12-04 03:56:08

    How should it be charged? When you connect it to the PC or a USB charger, the yellow LED starts to blink and no matter the button is in 1 or 2 positions, it starts as PC camera mode.

    Customer Service Center:

    After Inserted computer, use the mouse to launch USB mode, that is the charging mode. thanks

    2016-12-27 04:23:17

  • Ismael2016-11-30 11:33:02

    My pc doesnt recognize the pen. Can it be for windows 10? Do i have to use it on XP or windows 7 maybe?

    Customer Service Center:

    No card is required to connect to the PC. and this item doesn't support windows 10. thanks

    2016-12-03 01:14:48

  • Luke Beer2016-11-11 12:10:53

    What happens when the pen is empty? Can i refill the ink or do i have to buy a whole new pen?

    Customer Service Center:

    Dear customer,Thanks for your inquiry,This pen is not a true pen,The refill is only used for camouflage,The refill is the ball-point pen core, If you run out, you can change a ball-point pen core. Reply By Customer Service Center

    2016-11-12 03:22:57

  • Tong2016-11-03 03:44:33

    can i ask....why or what taking so long to shop?

    Customer Service Center:

    Sorry,my friend.This product shipping from china,to USA need 7-15 Day shipping time.Let's me see,you Item probably arrival in NOV 10

    2016-11-04 11:52:18

  • Paula Silva2016-10-26 03:40:05

    what's the lifespan of the battery when in use and on standby? is compatible with windows 10 and windows Hello?

    Customer Service Center:

    My friend,This Product Use Time about 50-60 Minutes,Standby About One Month.

    2016-10-27 08:32:12