JA01 Smartwatch 1.43-inch AMOLED/BT Talk/S0S/Non-invasive Glucose/Uric Acid/Lipids/Blood Pressure/ECG/Built-in Li-ion 295mAh Battery

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This watch is simply astonishing! As a health monitor watch it is not designed to be taken into the shower! However it will monitor every thing that's monitorable relating to your body functions. It will analyse your sleep and break it down to deep sleep, REM sleep and many others. I have found the constant blood sugar monitoring so useful as I am pre diabetic. It will constantly take your vital statistics and give you a summary of heart rate, systolic and diastolic parameters and many many others too numerous to list here. It will also take your ECG reading - and will save many necessary attentions from a nurse. It is simply amazing - and such good value. Remember it's a 'medical' watch so just bear that in mind. The watch has many sensors at the back - so don't even think of taking it into the shower or out walking when you get a soaking. It's a health monitor of the current state of your health - a vital tool to help you get your weight down and become healthier! Good luck!

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