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Before I got this drone, I'd never flown a drone before in my life. I've actually never even seen one in person before. Sure, I'm very familiar with watching successful (and not always) videos on Youtube where people fly or at least try to fly their drones. When I thought about crashing a 1000$ drone it gave me bumps on my skin. Then I looked on TOMTOP and found out that good drones don't have to be expensive. I noticed Goolsky drone because it had great reviews (and I always base my shopping on reviews) and it was gesture controlled, a great feature for someone who had zero hours of actual flight time with drones. I have to admit, I didn't expect control to be that easy. This is my new favorite toy right now. Usually, I fly on my lawn near my house, but sometimes I fly indoors, just to annoy my dog. Unlike other remote control which I've seen, this one looks like my laptop HP mouse - sleek and smooth but yellow. The drone is very responsive, so at first, I tried not to make any sharp movements as I didn't want to crash my new toy. I really like 3D flips and now, after a few days of practice, I can totally control this drone. If I'm flying at home, I usually get 8 minutes of working time, outside - it's only 5 minutes. I think this is because of the wind. The drone tries to resist the wind and it cuts its battery life. I'm ok with that as charging time is only half an hours, the perfect time to make myself some snacks and iced tea. Overall, this mini drone exceeded my expectations. I thought I would crash it during the first day - but I didn't. It's extremely easy to control, fun to fly with it and the price is amazing - great deal. If you are a newbie in "drone community" this is a drone to start with. I can highly recommend it to everyone! I would definitely buy another one, as I think that "drone racing" is a great game for small parties.
Review of the Goolsky TB-802 2.4GHz Remote Control One-key Motion Controlling Drone RC Quadcopter with 360° Flips Function I bought the Goolsky drone for my husband. He’s been wanting one for a while so I thought this would be a good one to start with him. The drone came well packaged. It came all put together except for inserting the three AAA batteries (not included) into the remote. Plus you get some extra propellers in case of accident. It took about an hour to charge the drone. And the charge lasts about 10 minutes. It took a bit for him to learn the controls, but he’s doing quite well now. This is a sturdy little drone. It’s crashed several times with no damage. It can be used inside or outside. We did the video inside as it was raining. He loves it.
I want to mention that whenever I first used this quadcopter, I absolutely dreaded the controls as they did not click during the first use. I wanted to get rid of this as I thought it was to faulty and just didn’t work, however, after my third use I surprisingly got more used to this and was able to not crash in walls and crash instantly. After that horrific experience, the controls are pretty simple with leaning/motion controls that are needed to be utilize to use this properly. Then with turning on the quadcopter, doing a spin and so on are controls that eventually become easier over time and become like muscle memory. I was happy to have this successfully done. The build of this is simply just all plastic that’s light and flimsy but do its job in protecting the fans from any type of fast destruction. After learning this quadcopter, it’s actually an amazing of a deal compared to store quadcopters that charge around $50 for even a small quadcopter. This copter is a medium-sized one and it does everything that I got it for. Really happy with the results indeed. Overall, if you’re getting this, be sure to likely face disappointment in the beginning until you’re finally used to it. I am able to steer this around my house after a few charges of practice and now consider myself a professional. Practice does make perfect.
This is most certainly the fastest to learn entry level drone I have ever tried. The learning curve on this drone I would put is between 5 and 10 minutes and you will be flying it like a pro. What lends to the positive on how short the learning curve is simply how well designed the controller interaction is. This is by far one of the coolest controller interfaces as it is controlled with hand tilting and not joy sticks. The control has one small joy stick on the side were your thumb will go and a power button next to that. That is you don’t need anything else. So how do you fly it then with just one joystick and power button? You simply press the power button twice to sync the drone to the controller then when the lights on the drone don’t blink and stay on constant it only takes a press on the joystick once and the drone self takes off. At this point the worry is how do you fly it. This is simple as holding out your hand and imagining it’s the drone you tilt forward for it to fly forward tilt your hand back to go back side to go to the side ect. This interface makes it so simple to operate and if for any reason in the fly time you’d like it to land you can hit the joystick once for it to auto land or hit the power button for an emergency engine stop. By this interface being so simple it allows a person to understand how a drone fly’s and turns. You can understand how wind affects a drone hands on. I was very impressed. This is not a camera drone but it is a drone that teaches how drones work. A few things to note. It does come with 4 extra props (two left turning and two right turning) that equal one extra full set. The charging cord is usb. Lastly the finger grips are smaller so it may be uncomfortable to hold for a bigger hand person. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone wanting to start out and learn how a drone works. If this review was at all helpful to you please let me know :)
This drone is the most fun I've had in a long time! It is simple to fly and easy to set up/charge, it is durable (I busted one of my blades but thankfully they include plenty of replacements), and it is something that will keep you entertained for hours. This is my first ever drone purchase and I can say I am very impressed with how intricate and interesting these little flying machines are! I am planning on buying another one for my younger brother who I know will just love it! Overall I am very pleased (the 360 degree flips are awesome too)!!